Bredon Bowling Club

Sent: 21 September 2019 14:01

To: Daphne Cocker

Subject: Re: T.C.B.C. v Bredon B.C. 2019

Hi Daphne,

Thanks for your email and attached letter which I will read out during my Tour Resume tomorrow afternoon at our green closing.

All our tourists enjoyed the match, they think it was the best afternoon of the week and probably of the season, and as you say the banter and laughter was great to hear.

As I said in my speech we would be very pleased to see any of your members at our club in the future should you come our way either as a group or singular trips.

The weather was great for us all week and the coach journey was very quiet on the way home, either lack of sleep or sadness at the end of a great week.

We arrived back in Bredon around 13.15 yesterday and Pauline & I slept very well last night !!!

Once again many thanks for your help with match arrangements and please give our regards to your great members.

Kind Regards

Mike & Pauline Kelly

Tour Organisers; Bredon Bowling Club


Littleton Bowling Club

Sent: 21 September 2019 14:36

Hi Daphne,

Many thanks for your very warm welcome; it matched the glorious weather that we were fortunate enough to enjoy for the duration of our trip.

We  all arrived home safely and made good time back on the journey. One never quite knows just what the traffic is going to be like on the M5, particularly on a Friday.

All of our members were very impressed with your club and its facilities, and if we do come down to the Torquay area again, your club will certainly be on our list of venues to visit.

Once again many thanks for your hospitality.

Kind Regards,

Tony Gensler

Littleton Bowling Club


Humberside County Bowling Association

Mrs Daphne Cocker

Torbay Country Club B.C.


Dear Daphne

 Ref : Humberside County Bowling Association  Presidents Tour 

 1st September to 8th September 2019 inclusive                                                

On behalf of our Presidents , Mr Paul Gray and Mrs Kay Steer our County Officials and all our tourists we would like to extend our most sincere thanks to you and your club members for the tremendous contribution you all made in making our tour this year such a great success.

We cannot praise enough the warm welcome and hospitality that was extended to every single member of our tour, both on the green and after the match in a social environment.

It is difficult for us to convey the feelings and comments of all our tourists suffice to say that every single one of them who played at Torbay Country Club Bowling Club had a most enjoyable day that they will talk about to their club colleagues with great affection and as a day to remember.

With our very best wishes

Yours sincerely

Ian Bratton  & Jeanette Murphy

Humberside County Bowling Association, Joint Tour Organisers


Canterbury Bowling Club


Penyrheol Bowling Club


Sent: 26 May 2019 11:47

To: Daphne Cocker

Subject: Re: T.C.B.C. v Penyrheol B.C. 2019

Hi Daphne

Sorry its taken so long to reply to you ,but May is so hectic that to find time to do the most simple task is a problem, never the less once again I must thank you a billion times for saving our 2019 bowls tour of Paignton. So much so that the same venue is going to be played next year ,but two games in Paignton and Torbay B C, on Saturday (using Paignton B C, for the other venue) 

Looking forward to visiting you once again next year,have a good summer season keep healthy and fit

All my very best of wishes 


Lancashire Lads & Lasses

From: Peter Yardley 

Sent: 21 May 2019 19:57

To: 'Daphne Cocker'

Subject: RE: T.C.B.C. v Lancs. Lads & Lasses 15/05/2019

Hi Daphne,

Thank you and the members of Torbay Country BC for you wonderful hospitality.

Yes we really enjoyed our game against you, although I would have liked a better result, such is (bowling)life

We have already made plans to return to Torquay next year and no doubt Trudie or Sarah will be in touch with you in due course.

My squad have asked for a couple of adjustments for next year, some are struggle to play two games in day so we are looking for one game a day while there.

I have given Trudie at TLH a free hand at getting us the games.

Looking forward to perhaps playing at your lovely Club again next year.



Cheltenham Bowling Club 

15th September 2018

Dear Daphne,

Cheltenham Bowling Club Tour 2018

On behalf of the Cheltenham Tourists I'd like to thank TBC for their very generous hospitality  on Wednesday 5th September. 

I have been to your club several times and the friendliness shown to us by your members on this occasion was as superb as my previous visits, please thank everyone involved.        

 If we ever come down to Torquay again I  shall make sure that Torbay Country Club is  again first of our list of fixtures.

 My apologies for being a bit tardy in sending this off to you; I was not sooner back in Cheltenham from this tour than I was off to Bournemouth on another!

 Yours sincerely,

Campbell McColl 

 Club tour organizer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Welshpool Town Bowling Club

Maes y dre    Welshpool     Powys     SY21 7

Dear Daphne

Can I pass on the sincere thanks of everyone that visited your Club last Saturday. 

The hospitality shown to us was absolutely fabulous and a great day was had by all.
Good bowling and a short time to socialise afterward'

Thanks also for putting up with all our frivolities after the game. 

Thanks also for putting up with all our frivolities after the game.

We did have a lovely weekend in Torquay with everything going off without a hitch. I don’t think it will too long before we return.

Once again thanks Daphne for everything.



Dave Gough

(Club President and Tour Organiser)



Waveney Bowling Club

Wed, Jul 25, 2018 

To: Daphne Cocker

Subject: Re: Waveney B.C. v T.C.B.C. 2018


Hello Daphne,

Thank you for your kind e-mail.  Having spoken to all our members after the Torquay Tour, I can assure you that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon spent with you.  You made us very welcome and provided us with great hospitality and a beautiful setting.  

Since returning home it has been extremely hot! as I am sure it has been where you are.  We actually had our first rain last night, a shower, and another one this morning, but very little rain fell.  At least the air is fresher now and it is not as hot.  

Enjoy the rest of your season.

Kind regards,

Flo Eglin

Treasurer & Tour Organiser

Waveney Bowls Club 



Brimfield and Little Hereford

26 July 2018 08:25

To: Daphne Cocker
Subject: Re: T.C.B.C. v Brimfield & Little Hereford 2018 

Dear Daphne

I must thank you and your club for being such welcoming hosts, it was my first visit to the club and what a delightful setting.I met Sue again yesterday at the County Match against Devon, yet another very hot day, and Sarah from TLH was also playing.

 Thank you once again



  Newquay Trenance Bowling Club

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Torbay Country Bowling Club Secretary

Daphne Cocker

Dear Daphne

Thank you so much for the lovely letter I received from you today via email. I have printed it out and will post it on the notice board at our clubhouse. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Torquay this year and are very grateful that we were able to bowl on three days out of four. Being able to bowl at the same venue and at the same time on your double greens, in such lovely surroundings, was a great bonus. Your grounds-men should be proud of the condition of your greens that enabled us all to bowl and enjoy the friendly atmosphere amongst your club bowlers. It was certainly the highlight of our tour and as it turned out our final game. 

On Friday we were rained off but we left Torquay on Saturday morning in high spirits and feeling ready to start the new season of bowling back at home in Newquay. 

We will most certainly return to the area again in the future, meanwhile you might like to think of bringing a group from your club down to Newquay on a day tour perhaps!  I was surprised to realize that the coach trip only takes 2 hours. We have two clubs here in Newquay who would be pleased to host a friendly game of bowls and they are not too far apart.

Once again thank you for your assistance in helping to make our 2018 tour a success.

Kind regards

Josie Gillingham

Tour Organizer

Newquay Trenance Bowling Club


Lancashire Lads 'n' Lasses

From: Peter Yardley

Ref: Lancashire Lads 'n' Lasses

Hi Daphne,

Thank you for your ‘letter’ re-our visit to your Club.

On our last night at the Hotel we had our post Tour get together and everyone without exception had
nothing but praise for TCBC, they loved it.

I can’t pre-empt what they will decided when I ask them which Clubs they want to visit or re-visit but I
would be most surprised if they missed you out.

We also enjoyed Marldon on the Thursday so they would be in with a shout also.

I have asked Sarah at TLH about perhaps having our two games on one day to be changed to Wednesday or Thursday, she has left me a message to get in touch tomorrow before I head up to Northumberland to play for Bowls Lancashire so I hope she has good news for me.

I will see some of my Tourists over the weekend and will be sounding them out, I keep telling them
that these kind of decisions have to made early due to all our host Clubs commitments.

Please thank your members again for us and wish you all a great season.


From Saltash Bowls Club


Dear Daphne and members of Torbay Country Bowls Club,


A very BIG THANK-YOU for what was a wonderful day yesterday, the venue, the weather and most of all the people showed what bowling is all about.

We both had some new bowlers and having spoken to some there is no doubt how much they enjoyed the day, and that really goes for the rest of us as well.

We would very much like to do a return match next year on a date to be agreed and whilst we would love you to come to us, we would be more than happy to do a return visit to you.

Again, many many thanks for a most enjoyable day.

Kindest regards,

Andrew Nicholson, 

Men's Secretary & Men's Match Secretary, 

Saltash Bowls Club.